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The world is fractured by war, economic inequalities and spreading mistrust. But it's also more interdependent than ever.


We are committed to the idea that humanity shares a single destiny, and that the crises we face around the world can only be resolved through international cooperation. 


Our goal is to create a platform for global dialogue, to facilitate cultural exchanges that strengthen trust, and to reassert the values of humanism, pluralism, and peace around the world.



Unify: Create a network of world leaders, policymakers, NGOs, religious leaders, and educational institutions to find lasting solutions for world peace.


Unite: Commit to leaving the world a better place for future generations.


Inform: Provide coverage of global conflicts and spotlight the work of humanitarians to enhance awareness and encourage dialogue.


Ignite: Fund and support events that foster world peace.

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The World Peace Association was founded by a group of political, religious and community leaders unified by a shared goal: promoting a global commitment to eradicate war.


WPA Secretary-General Sattva Zhang shares life lessons in these personal videos. Watch Now.

Events & Campaigns

WPA promotes peace by conducting high-level public diplomacy and hosting international peace conferences that bring together humanitarian workers, religious leaders from different faiths, NGOs, educational institutions, and government officials. The WPA also hosts religious ceremonies, local charity events, and arts and cultural exchanges programs.

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“Better than a thousand hollow words,

is one word that brings peace.”


Latest News

The World Peace Association provides coverage of global conflicts in order to enhance public awareness and encourage multinational conversations about solutions.

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WPA amplifies the work of humanitarians around the world by funding and supporting cross-cultural events that foster a devotion to a common humanity.
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