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67th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference

The 67th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference was held at United Nations Headquarters on August 22 and 23, 2018. The conference theme was “We the people...Together Finding Global Solutions for Global Problems”

During the Conference, the World Peace Association had the privilege to hold a special recommendation meeting with more than 100 diplomats, to share with them the World Peace Association’s scope of work, includingresolving conflicts between countries for world peace and human happiness. The World Peace Association encourages more communication and dialogue among leaders so as to jointly safeguard peace and bring more beauty and happiness to the world.

Every war creates serious disasters for innocent people. Wars not only rob lives, but also displace and separate families. Many countries now possess large-scale nuclear weapons. If such weapons were used, the destruction to mankind would be unthinkable. Humanity cannot wait for this misfortune to happen. Precautions must be taken. In the current situation, the World Peace Association is trying to persuade leaders and decision makers in all countries to have compassion in their hearts, and take into account the lives and happiness of the people, so they’ll be able to handle conflicts and problems calmly and rationally. The World Peace Association also hopes that diplomats from all countries can support the work of the World Peace Association, so that the NGO will have more opportunities to serve the world.

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