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Explore life's biggest questions with WPA Secretary-General Sattva Zhang

What’s to be expected after the flame of life is extinguished? Where do we go after nothing remains of our body but dust? What remains of us after our consciousness is blown out? World Peace Association Secretary-General and devout Buddhist Sattva Zhang discusses these questions, as well as how to free yourself from pain through meditation in her latest YouTube video.

“We come alone and leave alone, empty handed. Nothing in the physical world -- not even our very bodies -- will accompany us beyond this lifetime. And yet people pay so much attention to the mundane. Motivated by greed or anger, they grow too attached to this materialistic world, while steering away from enlightenment,” points out Ms. Zhang.

“Everything in the world, including our bodies, can be used, but not owned. Only when we meditate can we truly see the moving causes of the past, present, and future, and comprehend the true nature of life— that everything is conditional and impermanent,” she says.

Learn more about how to cultivate a meaningful life, by watching her full message here.

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